Thank you

As announced on Discord, the game is going into an offline mode as we focus all of our resources on our upcoming marketplace.

While I am excited about our upcoming path together, pivoting away from our game does not come without sadness. I have been training and fighting with my own Kreechures from the very beginning as well. Just like you, it has become part of my routine. I appreciate the time, attention, and feedback you have given us during this journey we are on together.

Items of note:

° All current KreePass subscriptions will be refunded by the end of this week, 6 November 2022. If you are one, two, nine, etc. weeks ahead, you will receive the appropriate full refund. Kin will be sent back to the originating account. This is automatic and cannot be sent anywhere else.

° NFTs that were leveled up with egregious use of the energy bug will have all of their stats reset to 1

° Top x of the leaderboard will be receiving a surprise, tbd

° Existing stats, after the bug reset, will not be nuked. We spent a year and a half together leveling up. More to follow on their future utilization.